BOTÁNICO VIDA Omega Oil 50ml


Omega Oil is a 100% natural specialist skincare product for the whole family. 

It is recommended for use on all skin types from babies to mature skin.

It helps to treat a whole range of family skin care concerns from dry skin to stretch marks, scars, during pregnancy, wrinkles and fine lines, rashes, cradle cap, red and irritated skin, after-sun, burns and as an all-round body hydrator. 

It works naturally by putting the skin's building blocks, Essential Fatty Acids, especially all important Omega 3 and other Vitamins, directly back into the skin. Helping to calm and soothe the most sensitive skin and leaving the skin supple, hydrated and healthier than ever.

Omega Oil is very high in essential fatty acids in particular all important Omega 3, protein and anti-oxidants which when applied topically, have a profound effect on improving the skin’s barrier function, reducing inflammation, boosting the skin’s natural moisturising factors and decreasing water loss. Omegas are necessary for good health as they constitute up to 30% of our skin’s lipids, yet we’re unable to produce them biologically. Omega Oil infuses the skin directly with these building blocks – helping to support the skin’s entire cellular structure through the healing, growing and ageing process. Many customers use Botanico Vida’s Omega Oil as a daily moisturiser on their entire family from babies to grandparents and at any times they have any specialist skincare concerns such as during pregnancy, on scars, skin redness or irritations, after a burn or when the skin needs some extra support.

Apply twice daily as and when needed. During pregnancy apply daily during the entire term.

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