Organic Premium Tiger Nuts 100g


Tigernuts are actually not nuts, but tubers that grow underground rather than above the soil. Tigernuts were first recognised by Egyptians at least 4000 years ago. Now they are gaining interest as they are very healthy & can be a part of Healthy regime, as they are
Richest source of Fibre,

Gluten Free

Cholestrol Free

Free of Nut Allergy

Rich in minerals such as phosphorous, iron, potassium & Magnesium

Rich in Vitamin E and C, as well as a High content of Oleic acid (similar Fatty Acids Composition to Olives & Moringa).

Tigernuts are known to have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and to increase blood circulation, helping to prevent heart attacks and thrombosis.With their high fibre content, they are highly recommended for people with digestive and bowel disorders as well as being a natural appetite suppressant.

Thus help in weight loss & management.


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