Vo5 Extreme Style Thicken Up Paste 75Ml


Vo5 Thickening Hair Paste gives you an outstanding lift and natural hair volume with reworkable hold. Our Thickening Paste is a great product for styling mid length cuts as it makes hair appear fuller and provides a reworkable hold for more structured looks with a subtle natural finish and a medium hold level. Thickening Hair Paste is a very versatile product and is ideal to create either day time or evening hair styles. How to use: Use the product on dry or damp hair. Use a finger tip amount and rub it vigorously between your palms and spread thoroughly through hair. Style tip: For maximum lift and density, apply the product on damp hair and blow dry. If you liked our Thickening Paste, be sure to check out the other Vo5 styling products in the full range like our Hair Fibre, Hair Putty or Hair Gel to remix your style and experiment with your hair even further! Don’t forget to leave a review of our Vo5 Thickening Paste and share your very best hair styling tips with other users. Caution: Avoid any contact with eyes. If an eye contact occurs, rinse well with water immediately. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

  • Vo5 Thickening Hair Paste offers outstanding lift & fuller, natural hair with reworkable hold
  • Our hair styling paste thickens hair to help you create a hairstyle that expresses the very best of you
  • Great for styling mid length cuts
  • Vo5 Thickening Hair Paste makes your hair appear fuller and with more volume
  • This hair paste provides reworkable hold for more structured looks with a subtle natural finish
  • Use Vo5 Thickening Hair Paste to discover, improve, and improvise with your hairstyle

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