Biotona Goji Raw Bio 200g



It is an exceptional powder obtained from the juicy and orange-red berries of Lycium barbarum, an Asian shrub native to the Himalayas, currently also cultivated in Western Europe. Appreciated for their high nutritional value, they are a natural sweet and sour treat that is the subject of an increasing number of scientific studies.


Biotona goji berries are grown in China in a 100% organic way. After harvesting and careful selection, they are immediately reduced to powder during a freeze-drying process. Both the taste, the color and the fragrance are preserved and almost equivalent to those of fresh berries. This drying process also saves all the nutrients naturally present.

Intake mode

It is recommended to add it in your smoothies and shakes in combination with (juice) fruit or other superfoods, or simply in (vegetable) milk, yogurt or a little water. Do not hesitate to experiment while cooking to add a touch of health to your dishes.

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