Biotona Organic Powder Superfibers Vegan, 200g


Organic Powder Superfibers Vegan, ingredients: Fibre-rich powder made of acacia gum*, hemp seeds*, coconut flour*, cactus fig leaves*, baobab fruit pulp* and psyllium husks*. *organic culture** (Acacia senegal, Cannabis sativa, Cocos nucifera, Opuntia ficus-indica, Adansonia digitata, Plantago ovata)

About Organic Powder Superfibers Vegan,

Biotona Bio Superfibres is a sublime complex made from 100% natural, organic and vegetable fibre sources. Soluble fibres contribute to the functioning of the intestines, while insoluble fibres regulate intestinal passage. The main ingredient of Biotona Superfibres is a fully natural dietary fibre derived from a 100% pure gum of the Acacia senegal tree. This contains a minimum of 90% of soluble fibres in the form of arabinogalactans (polysaccharides). Biotona Superfibres also contains insoluble fibres from coconut flour, hemp seeds and cactus fig leaves. The dried fruit pulp of the African baobab tree contains both soluble and insoluble fibres, as well as (phyto)nutrients. Powder made from psyllium or plantago husks (with more than 80% fibre content) is capable of absorbing up to fifty times its own weight.

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