Biotona Raw Organic Pumpkin Protein 300 g



Pumpkin Protein Raw Pumpkin Protein Bio biotone is thus obtained without extraction and only by mechanical treatment. It is an ideal companion for diets rich in protein and a good alternative for athletes and people in search of a vegetable source of protein.


This product 100 years ago, the neighbors of Steiermark (Austria) discovered a pumpkin that had seeds without shell, dark green and with a lot of flavor Biotona Bio Pumpkin Protein Raw is a live green powder obtained from those pumpkin seeds that also provide an oil very rich. After pressing these seeds, the residual "cake" is dried and ground very fine. This method provides a very rich protein powder (up to 65%) and guarantees the good preservation of all the main nutrients as well as the pronounced taste and color of the original pumpkin seeds

Intake mode

It is recommended to add in combination with fruit juice, super foods or simply milk (vegetable), yogurt or water. Later ingest to taste

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