Black Seed Oil Gel caps (High strength Thymoquinone)


Black seed oil capsules with the added potency of fennel and cumin oils are ideal to support a healthy liver, digestive, gallbladder, and intestinal immune function.

Product Details

Our Oil of Black Seed Capsules combine the powers of cold-pressed Turkish-source Mediterranean black seed oil plus Mediterranean-source fennel and cumin seed oils. This creates a major powerhouse for supporting a healthy overall digestive response as well as supporting the body’s natural anti-parasitic response. Use these capsules also to support liver and gallbladder health.


  • Heart Healthy Oil; Black seed oil contains thymoquinone, all-natural ubiquinones, and healthy sterols, which have all been studied for their heart health benefits
  • High Quality; North American Herb & Spice Black Seed Oil has not been diluted with lower-quality Indian black seed oil, it is 100% Mediterranean/Turkish source, which is ideal to support a healthy heart and digestive function
  • Full Ingredient List; 100% cold-pressed, extra virgin, black nigella seed oil (Nigella sativa); Free of all chemicals, pesticides & additives; Non-GMO
  • Remote & Wild-Sourced Premium Ingredients; Gathered from pristine, untouched regions of the world, North American Herb & Spice uses raw, whole food ingredients that harness the power of nature for supreme nourishment
  • Take Control Of Your Health; All of our premium ingredients are whole food and herbal based, so our products can be taken as long as you need to improve your quality of life

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