Curcumin Vitamin d3


Searching for a boost to your general well-being and vitality? Curcumin with Vitamin D is an all-natural advanced supplement that contains a powerful 500mg strength of premium quality Curcumin in every Softgel. The addition of fat-soluble Vitamin D in this formula compliments your fit and active lifestyle and helps you take care of your bones, joints, muscles. With just 1 Softgel, you’ll also get your daily dose of Vitamin D, making Circumin with Vitamin D ideal for taking during the winter months.

  • High strength Curcumin supplement
  • A daily dosage of Vitamin D in just 1 Softgel
  • For natural care of joints, bones & skin
  • 2 month supply of Softgels
  • Highly bioavailable

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