DHAMASA / FAGONIA powder 50g



It is the best blood purifier and decomposes blood clots to save from brain haemorrhage and heart problems. It's flowers and leaves can treat all types of Cancers and Thalasemia. It is used for cooling effect, treats all types of Hepatitis. It Strengthens liver and prevents/cures liver cancer. It helps in treatment of body pains, Allergies, Heals pimples and other dermatology problems.


Dhamasa is a small spiny under shrub with stiff, more or less prostrate branches found in north-west India and Deccan. Tap root externally brownish green, rough, with longitudinal striations, core yellowish-green; fracture, fibrous. Stem pieces 0.5 to 1.5 cm thick, of variable lengths; young green, mature brown spiny, two pairs of spines present at each node, spines sharp, slender, 1.5 to 2 cm in length; external surface of stem green, whitish brown when dry, striated. Leaf Small, subsessile, linear, oblong, leaflets entire, green or blackish brown, 0.5 to 1.5 cm in length and 0.05 to 0.1 cm in width, without any prominent midrib region. projected above the level of lamina.


* It is the best blood purifier and decomposes blood clots to save from brain hemorrhage and heart problems.
* It’s flowers and leaves can treat all types of Cancers, Thalasemia and PCOS/PCOD.
* Can be used for cooling effect – Treats all types of Hepatitis.
* Strengthens liver and prevents/cures liver cancer.
* Improves heart and mental ability.
* Helpful in treatment of body pains.
* Cures allergies.
* Heals pimples and other dermatology problems.
* Strengthens stomach.
* It alleviates symptoms like vomiting, thirst and burning sensation, etc.
* It increases the physical strength and weight of the week and under weight people.
* Helpful in controlling weight for bulky persons.
* Cures mouth & gum disorders.
* Normalizes blood pressure disorders.
* Treats asthma & breathing difficulty.
* Helps recovering from smoking side-effects.
* Hot infusion of Fagonia is given to prevent small pox.
* It increases urination and hence overhauls the kidneys and urination system.
* It is applied over neck stiffness.
* Being spermatogenic, improves sperm count in semen and helps normalizing the male and female reproductive systems.
* Perfectly controls Leucorrhoea (لیکوریا) disorders in women.
* Perfectly cures Atthra, an incurable female disease in Allopathic, in which blue or black spots appear in various parts of body skin.
* Atthra: Miscarriage, birth of dead child or immediate death of infant soon after delivery because of green or yellow color diarrhea or loose motions is caused by this horrible disease called ATTHRA. Some babies die before birth in the ovary. Some women only give birth to girl babies or only girls survive but boys expire after birth. Further some women experience stomach and liver disorder because of ATTHRA. They get weak and feel irregular heart beat and breathe disorder.
* Such women cannot bear normal pregnancy. Most pregnancies end with abortion and if not aborted, the infant will die.
* As an antioxidant, helps reducing stress.


Fagonia deflexa Moench, Fagonia elongata Salisb., Fagonia erecta Mill., Fagonia forskalii Pfund, Fagonia hispanica L., Fagonia virens Coss. ex T. Anderson, Fagonia viscosa Hochst. ex Boiss.

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