Digestif Mix (D mix)


Multi- award winning Ayurvedic Digestif Mix combines Palmyra Blossom Nectar with specially selected herbs & seeds to create a delicious yet powerfully effective natural digestive aid.

It the only natural remedy that works to re-train the digestive system to break down food properly, and has helped over 100,000 people worldwide with their digestive issues to date.


The ingredients within this specially formulated blend have been used for thousands of years worldwide for their powerful digestive properties.
Together they work in five key ways:
1) Promotes healthy chewing habits: 70% of our digestive enzymes are created in our saliva and become more powerful the longer we chew our food. Failure to chew properly can contribute to a number of digestive difficulties; however chewing Ayurvedic Digestif Mix after meals promotes a long term behavioural change of healthy mastication habits.
2) Strengthens and tones the digestive system: The essential oils released within the herbs & seeds when chewed have a stimulating effect on the gut wall lining, helping to fully break down our meals. Over time this can help to strengthen the digestive system and get the entire mechanism working smoothly together.
3) Helps to maintain natural restoration of stomach and colon lining: Ayurvedic Digestif Mix has an alkalising effect in the body which often promotes healthy cell renewal and repair in the gut.
4) Helps to repopulate the gut with beneficial flora: a healthy digestive system produces all the necessary pro and prebiotics needed to break down our food.
5) Cleanses and detoxes the body: We believe that Ayurvedic Digestif Mix can aid in the detoxification of your major organs helping you to better absorb vital nutrients from food and supplements
After as little as ten days, thousands of customers have seen an end result of a well- balanced, fully functioning digestive system which leaves them free to consume the food and drinks they love.

Used by medical doctors and nutritionists worldwide, Ayurvedic Digestif Mix does all this naturally with no side-effects or contra-indications. It is also safe to take during pregnancy.

How to benefit from Ayurvedic Digestif Mix


Shake the tub well and chew half a teaspoon full thoroughly (25-30 times, takes less than a minute!) after each main meal (only use on a full stomach). We recommended a 2 month course for best results.

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