Fine Diamonds

  • BENEFITS OF FINE DIAMONDS COLLAGEN – This premium supplement with vital proteins will keep your skin looking youthful and radiant as well as improve your mobility and muscle strength | Easier to consume than tablets!
  • WHY BUY FINE DIAMONDS COLLAGEN – Treats wrinkles & fine lines | Reduces appearance of cellulite | For skin firmess & vitality | Fast & strong hair & nails growth | Prevents joint & injury pain, builds muscles & speeds recovery | Ideal for gut health
  • WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE USED OUR FINE DIAMONDS NATURAL BOVINE COLLAGEN – Our improved formula contains 19 Amino Acids including, BCAA | Helps your skin spring back! | Free of Sugar, Carbs, Gluten, Soya, Egg, Wheat, Nuts, and Milk
  • HOW TO CONSUME VITAZAM´S FINE DIAMONDS COLLAGEN – Our high-strength hydrolysed collagen powder formula ensures maximum absorption in an easy and convenient presentation that will immediately dissolve in water | Take 2 scoops (10000 mg) for optimal results

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