Hydrolysed Marine Collagen 500ML


Collagen is one of the most abundant structural proteins found in our bodies, forming much of the connective tissue in our bodies, including skin, bones, skin, tendons and muscles.

In recent years, collagen has garnered world-wide attention for its miraculous skin, hair and nail benefits. Collagen makes up over 80% of our skin, which helps us to preserve skin elasticity, improve hydration and prevent signs of aging. However, as we age, our bodies are no longer able to produce as much collagen and it becomes more difficult for our bodies to replace it. As we hit our 20s, we start to lose as much as 1% of our collagen each year and by the time we hit our 50s, we lose up to a third of it.

This loss of skin elasticity causes us to have drier skin, more wrinkles, and issues related to our heart, bones, joints and tendons..

About this item

  • HYDROLYSED MARINE COLLAGEN BENEFITS - Collagen is vital to keep your skin supple and firm, help hair and nails grow faster and stronger, preserve skin elasticity, prevent fine wrinkles & improve cellulite | Easier to consume than collagen tablets!
  • WHY BUY HYDROLYSED MARINE COLLAGEN? – Our collagen protein supplement is highly digestible | With the highest grade of collagen to guarantee maximum absorption | Collagen for wrinkles and fine lines to allow you feel your skin spring back | This product repairs cartilage & leaky gut, improves sleep, boost metabolism & burns fat
  • WHAT INGREDIENTS ARE USED IN OUR HYDROLYSED MARINE COLLAGEN? - Our marine collagen complex contains 18 amino acids, such as Glycine (promotes better sleep), Proline (assists collagen production), & Glutamine (reduces gut inflammation) | Contains Vitamin C & Hyaluronic Acid | Free of Gluten, Soya, Egg, Wheat, Nuts, and Milk
  • HOW TO CONSUME OUR HYDROLYSED MARINE COLLAGEN? - Our high strength liquid marine collagen formula of 10,000mg per dose comes in a convenient presentation & delivers better and faster results | Take a 25 ml dose daily, every morning | 100% natural flavour & colour
  • HYDROLYSED MARINE COLLAGEN IS IDEAL FOR natural skincare as it restores or maintain youthful-looking and enables to obtain radiant skin | Collagen supplements for men & women | Individuals that practice weight training, athletics and all forms of exercise as it also improves mobility | People who follow a normal, Keto, Paleo, HCG and fasting lifestyles

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