Juniper berries 100g


Despite their name, Juniper Berries are not technically a berry, they are actually the female seed cone of the Juniper plant. Most famously used to give gin its distinctive flavour, Juniper Berries are classed as a spice and have a long history of traditional use.

Juniper Berries were used traditionally to treat all manner of complaints ranging from kidney infections, urinary tract infections and digestive issues to gout, warts and skin growths. Their antiseptic properties were well known and Juniper tea was once used as a disinfectant for surgeons’ tools.

Benefits of Juniper Berries:

  • Helps in purifying the blood
  • Aids in improving in blood circulation 
  • Asisists in removing toxins
  • Helps over come fatigue and depression 
  • Helps improve system
  • Enhances digestive system
  • Support cognitive functions

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