Maqui Raw is a sublime powder, made from the tiny deep purple to black berries that grow abundantly on evergreen bushes in Patagonia, Southern Chile and Argentina. For many centuries, these delicious and unique berries have been the well-kept secret of the Mapuche tribe, the indigenous population of that region. This was the tribe that held out the longest against the Spanish conquest, and their extreme endurance was attributed to drinking large amounts of maqui tea. The purple colour of the powder results from the presence of anthocyanins, substances produced by the plant as self-protection against extreme external influences. The maqui berries used by Biotona are harvested in the wild from the Chilean rain forests. Immediately after harvesting and selection, they are processed into powder using a freeze-drying technique, so that the flavour, colour and aroma closely resemble the fresh berries. This drying process also ensures that the naturally present nutrients and phytonutrients are optimally retained.

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