Olive'Secret eye & lip serum


Organic Eye & Lips Serum with Olive Oil & Cretan Wild Herbs Extracts

Organic Eye & Lips Serum visibly reduces wrinkles and enhances the biochemical properties of the skin with rich organic & modern active ingredients for increased efficacy.

Contains high-quality organic extracts of Organic Mountain Tea and Cretan wild herb Diktamo from the mountains of Crete, Olive Leaf, Chamomile and Aloe vera which provide superior antioxidant and regenerative properties. Also contains Organic Olive Oil, Apricot Oil & Shea Butter  which nourish and care the mature skin. Rich in natural Commiphora mukul  & Cyathea cumingii extract, which lift and tighten the skin immediatedly and restore facial volumeFurtermore, contains the Innovative Molecule Bronze Glucoside, which constitutes a new source of bio-energy. Rejuvenates ageing cells and reactivates collagen and elastin synthesis in a quick and efficient manner.

Visible results within only 2 weeks.

Τhe skin becomes visibly more supple and firm, and fine creases and deep wrinkles disappear. The face is revitalized and regains its lost luster, smooth appearance and youthful glow.

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