SALEP PANJA / Marsh Orchid POWDER 25g


SALEP is known as a high-value medicinal plant, is reported to occur in temperate to alpine regions (2500–5000 m asl) in India, Pakistan and Nepal.

It is commonly known as Salem Panja (Kashmir)and Hatajari (Uttaranchal). It is a perennial herb, grows up to 60 cm in height, having palmately lobed, divided root tubers with
broadly lanceolate leaves arranged more or less along the stem and rosy purple flowers. the shape of tubor is similiar to fingers of hand (Panja in hindi mean hand with five fingers)

Salep Panja has been used traditionally in the management of low libido in men.

It has been shown to increase the libido.

It acts as a powerful aphrodisiac and also produces a testosterone boosting effect.

It increases the virility and vigor in men and increases their physical performance.

It has the ability to enhance the stamina and strength in men,

which has a favourable effect on their physical powers.

It also increases the production of a male hormone called testosterone,

which plays a major role in the fertility in men.

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