TIG 10 ++ CAPSULES (90)


Common Symptoms of Coronavirus:
The symptoms of most coronaviruses are similar to any other upper respiratory infection, including runny nose, coughing, sore throat, and sometimes a fever. In most cases, you won't know whether you have a coronavirus or a different cold-causing virus, such as rhinovirus.
There is no vaccine for coronavirus. To help prevent a coronavirus infection, do the same things you do to avoid the common cold:
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
Keep your hands and fingers away from your eyes, nose, and mouth.
Avoid close contact with people who are infected.
You treat a coronavirus infection the same way you treat a cold:
Get plenty of rest.
Drink fluids.

TIG-10 helps in fighting various types of Cancer. As we know by now Cancer is a disease that affects cells of the body. Cells are extremely small units that build together and form all living things, which include human beings. In any given person’s body, you will find billions of cells.

  • TIG-10 is one of the best natural boosters and a boon for people who are affected by cancer. Ayurveda holds in its womb answers to abundant health problems.
  • Its natural herbs help relieve us of our health and medical conditions in a natural and healthy way.
  • These herbs bring with them the inherent powers of nature to improve the immune system and help recover the body of all its ailments.

Ingredients - Curcurma Aromatica, Balsam Odendron Mukul, Lepidium Sativum, Corallocarpus Epigaeus, Aegle Marmelos, Allivum sativum, Melia Azadirachta, Ocimum sanctum, Withania Somnifera, Aloe indica

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