Tukh Malanga Seeds 50g


Tukh malanga seeds are best used to aid in weight loss as they detox the digestive track while giving the stomach a full feeling, but they are also packed with nutrients and minerals that help control diabetes and blood pressure.


٭ It has fivefold more calcium and vitamin C than milk.

٭ Abundant amount of Omega Fatty Acid present in Tukhm-e-Balinga helps to maintain the amount of cholesterol in blood and maintain the amount of insulin present in the body.

٭ Since its effectiveness is cold, its regular use removes the [excess] heat of the body, produces coolness in the body and provides energy to the brain. It also reduces the diseases which develop due to the heat in the body such as spermatorrhoea, gonorrhoea, etc.

٭ It is effective in normalising the heartbeat.

٭ It cleans out stomach and intestines, removes the heat of liver and acidity of stomach, relieves the burning sensation in stomach tubes and urinary tracts and helps digest food quickly.

٭ It protects from different types of cancer.

٭ It normalises the sugar level.

٭ It overcomes the deficiency of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and many other mineral salts.

٭ Dry cough can be controlled by it.

٭ It improves the Immune system.

٭ It removes liver and stomach heat.

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