Yograj Guggul 60 caps

A traditional Ayurvedic formulation that supports the musculoskeletal system by balancing Vata in the joints, nerves and muscles. This combination of herbs help to detoxify and rejuvenate the system by nourishing and strengthening the system to promote healthy movement of the joints and muscles and proper functioning of the nerves.
  • Eases pain and promotes comfortable movement of joints and muscles, bone marrow.
  • Rejuvenates and strengthens the skeletal and neuromuscular system
  • Eliminates and detoxifies toxins from the system
  • Supports healthy menstrual cycle, pacifies Vata in nerves, muscles and joints, supports healthy immune system

1. Digestive Benefits

  1. Reduces Constipation
  2. Helps to regain appetite
  3. Reduces the symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  4. Reduces the formation of gas
  5. Helps to cure indigestion
  6. Reduces the effects of bloating

2. Muscles, Bones & Joints Benefits

  1. Reduces Joint stiffness
  2. Cures rheumatoid arthritis
  3. Helps to cure muscle spasms
  4. Reduces the effects of a backache with stiffness

3. Nerve & Brain Benefits

  1. Reduces the effects of epilepsy
  2. Helps to cure effects of depression
  3. Reduces effects of Sciatica

4. Heart & Blood Benefits

  1. Reduces high Cholesterol levels

5. Respiratory Benefits

  1. Reduces effects of a productive cough
  2. Helps to cure Asthma

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